By Jeanette Rozier

The Ohio Cooperative has two distinct career paths: Consultant to Partner, and Coordinator to Director.

Our consultants assist organizations and clients in achieving their performance goals. Our coordinators are responsible for the overall management and operation of an organization. Consultants earn 25% of qualified work-orders monthly, while coordinators receive a base salary.

Both career paths advance through completion of the executive development plan (the “EDP”). The purpose of the EDP is to allow anyone with motivation and ambition to achieve career advancement. The EDP consists of activities, which must be completed for the first advancement, and competencies, which must be completed for the second advancement. Activities are waived if a mastery level education is completed, and competencies are waived if a doctoral level of education is completed.

Upon completion of the EDP to the first advancement level, consultants gain the title of Senior Consultant and the opportunity to earn 3% of merger and acquisitions deals. Coordinators receive the title of Program Manager and a higher salary upon completion of the first advancement requirements.

Upon completion of the EDP to the second advancement level senior consultants gain the title of Partner and earn a bonus based on their relative contribution to the success of the partnership. A Partner may also complete additional competencies to become a Managing Partner and gain overall responsibility for an Impact Fund® and earn five percent of carried interest. Program Managers earn the title of Executive Director with a higher salary and potential bonus from their respective organization.

What’s the difference? The consultant career path is 100% commission based, while the coordinator career path is 100% salary based. Some thrive in a commissioned environment while others enjoy the security of a dependable salary. Neither is better than the other.

Commission based positions offer advantages because income is earned based on your skills and the amount of work you do. For consultants who work hard and who are skilled, they will be remunerated for their significant efforts. This acts as a reinforcement for employees to improve and go above the minimum requirements, realizing that their efforts will generate more income.

On the other hand, a salary based position is beneficial because it provides a steady, reliable income. The employee is aware of the exact amount of each paycheck. This way, the worker can draw a budget which fits into his salary without worrying about fluctuation in their income at any given time.

Whether a commission or salary based position, the career path you seek should match with both your goals and lifestyle. This way it will serve as a motivating force to creating work-life integration and happiness.

As a digital workplace, worker-owners must follow residency requirements. Worker-owners must maintain a permanent home in Ohio, and spend no more than twenty-one weeks on travel, vacations, or living at their second home. For further clarification please contact the Ohio Department of Taxation.

If you’re someone who enjoys creating innovative ways to reach ambitious goals, thrive on working within a remote collaborative team-based environment, and energized by receiving honest feedback, check out our Careers Page.

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