Seeking Impact: Private equity fund of funds

October 1, 2017
Contact: CPAC

 Seeking Impact: Private equity fund of funds

Cincinnati, OH: The Ohio Cooperative, a worker-owned cooperative, announced the development of a Private Equity Fund of Funds team to focus on global private equity impact investments.

The Fund of Funds team will build relationships with private equity general partners that have proven track records, demonstrating knowledge and experience with impact investing. The Fund of Funds team will seek to make a handful of commitments into private equity limited partnerships that focus on our core mission of intentional social and environmental impact.

The fund of funds will benefit the worker-owners and Impact Fund® Partners of The Ohio Cooperative, adding unparalleled value to the cooperative by putting global returns into the pockets of local Ohioans and local economies.

“Our goal is to build value for our worker-owners, and Impact Fund® partners by developing an exclusive FEE FREE fund of funds designed to give them access to global private equity impact investment opportunities,” said Robert Farris, Chairman and President at CoNimby Foundation.

The fund of funds team has yet to be named.

About The Ohio Cooperative

The Ohio Cooperative is a worker-owned cooperative focused on community development, job creation, and job growth. It’s a digital workplace where majority of workers telecommute.


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