The Ohio Cooperative 2017 Election

Thank you for voting!

Please read over the motions and vote. Voting takes place at

Voting Opens 8/1/2017; Voting Closes 8/20/2017

1 vote per worker-owner Voter Fraud violators will be terminated

What is a Motion?

Motions at The Ohio Cooperative are a way for worker-owners to have a say by voting on issues that matter to them.

Worker-owners vote for or against the proposals in the motions, and may table the issue for the next election if more information is needed.

These votes shape how The Ohio Cooperative operates. It’s imperative to our success as 1 cohesive cooperative network.

Motions cover many issues, from deciding policies and political donations, to electing worker-owners to leadership positions and deciding what our cooperative should stand for.

CoNimby Foundation recommends all eligible worker-owners to vote.

There are 10 motions total for fiscal 2017. Please read them carefully.


Motion 1: To hire an Executive Director for the Women’s Foundation of Ohio.

The Women’s Foundation of Ohio is our grant-making foundation that supports charities throughout the state that focus on women issues. Hiring an Executive Director would guide the program and fulfill its charitable purpose while lessening the burden on CPAC.

Motion 2: To support Ohio House Bill 581.

Ohio House Bill 581 authorizes Series Limited Liability Companies. The passing of HB 581 would support the statewide job creation and job growth efforts of The Ohio Cooperative by allowing us to secure separate rights, powers, and duties per each small business.

Motion 3: To develop an equity investment impact fund.

The Ohio Cooperative only operates in the impact investment space through our impact funds. Developing an equity fund would require the partnership of a sub-adviser.

Motion 4: To develop a Headquarters office space.

The Cooperative Personnel Administration Center, CPAC, is the only office space the cooperative maintains. This allows majority of non-specific location worker-owners to work from home. Developing a Headquarters would require majority to report to an office location.

Motion 5: To hire an Executive Director for the Ohio Media and Marketing Association.

The Ohio Media and Marketing Association, OMMA, marketing associates currently report directly to CPAC. An Executive Director would oversee all marketing associates; manage marketing plans, and other objectives for cooperative small businesses.

Motion 6: To establish The Ohio Cooperative Workers Council.

The Ohio Cooperative Workers’ Council will consist of one (1) worker-owner per State County to represent the people of that county in Board Meetings. Each council member must be elected by majority in and will serve a three year term.

Motion 7: To submit employment numbers to the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Submitting employment numbers which will includes: Temp, Part-time, and Full-time workers to the Ohio Development Agency will be included in statewide employment data.

Motion 8: To appoint Sunbelt Business Brokers as acquisition partner.

The Ohio Cooperative acquires small businesses through its 80+ social enterprise Impact Funds to maintain a diversified portfolio. The cooperative is seeking to develop an exclusive partnership with one company that specializes in small business acquisitions.

Motion 9: To establish a two year college.

Even with many colleges in the state of Ohio, minorities still graduate at a lesser rate than their peers. Establishing a two year college to combat this issue is crucial to the quality of life of Ohioans.

Motion 10: To hire an Executive Direct of Impact Investing.

The Executive Director of Impact Investing will be responsible for managing investor relations between our limited partners and our impact fund services.

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