Preble Country Business Expo

By Alexandru Tanase

The Preble Country Business Expo took place between the 7th and 8th of April, and it managed to bring in front numerous discussions about the economic development of the region! What made the Preble County Business Expo distinct is the fact that it was hosted by the Preble County Chamber of Commerce as well as the Preble County Development Partnership. This business expo is focused on the improvement of various businesses, but at the same time it’s also bringing in the idea of on creating new job opportunities in the local area.

The Development Partnership was created specifically to address the developmental issues in the area. There are some major problems in some industries, which is why the Preble County Business Expo was started in the first place, to bring in front some great solutions and quality results. And this year, it did manage to deliver all of that and so much more.

Its mission to promote, advance and encourage civic development and industrial development in Preble County was a huge success, as it did manage to gain the attention of multiple entrepreneurs ready to grow their business in the region.

During the Preble County Business Expo, attendees had the unique opportunity to talk about and listen to talks about marketing, business recruitment and retention, community outreach and other incredible features. These are some of the things that do tend to pay off immensely in this situation.

During this business expo, all attendees in Preble County found out that Preble County is the only ACT Work Ready community in Ohio. What makes this distinct is the fact that ACT allows all states to access the data, information, and tools needed to assist their growth. All participants managed to acquire dedicated National Career Readiness Certificates designed to eliminate any potential skill gaps.

Preble County’s adherence to the ACT Work Ready community manages to help businesses and industries that want productive workers, as well as policy makers, educators, economic developers, educators and many others.

The Preble County Business Expo managed to share a lot of content and ideas about the ACT Work Ready community, and it also delivered plenty of helpful information for freelancers and entrepreneurs alike. The booths present here, such as the Miami Valley Technical Center, the Registered Herald, The Bistro at Eagles Point and many others just tend to show the sheer value and quality offered by this expo.

All people that attended this expo got to learn more about the HIT foundation and its programs, but at the same time, they also talked about the lack of affordable houses in Preble County. They agreed that having a decent place to live in is imperative and this will most likely bring in quite an interesting value in the end.

The experience of attending Preble County Business Expo’s booths and programs was an exhilarating one. This shows that being a part of the Preble County community is paramount and it’s crucial to try and bring in the very best results for the community, in any capacity that you can. Thankfully, the Preble County Business Expo did touch on some imperative topics; so hopefully, we will have those addressed in the longer term.

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