Impact Ohio Conference

Impact Ohio™ Conference is an annual Impact investment and Community development conference designed to educate and provide an inclusive experience to the community.

Impact Ohio™ Conference will introduce the community to The Ohio Cooperative, a diverse statewide worker-owned cooperative program dedicated to helping its workers be more successful.

  • Annual event to educate on Impact Investing and Community Development

  • Celebrates job creation and community development efforts of the Foundation

  • Introduce attendees to The Ohio Cooperative and its benefit to worker-owners

  • Will include lunch and all day beverage options

  • Ticket price is tax deductible


Tweet @CoNimby with Htag #ImpactOhio to ask #ImpInv Qs Htag #OhioCoop to ask #CommDev Qs We will allocate time to answer questions.


11:00 – 12:00: Registration, and Lunch.

12:00 – 5:00: Program and Q&A.

This is a Closed Door Event.

Who should attend?

– Anyone interested in Impact Investing

– Anyone interested in Community Development

– Graduates interested in employment opportunities

– Institutional investors interested in limited partnerships

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